Do You Need A Lot Of Money To Borrow? Credit Loans


Borrowed money, do you need any? If your answer was yes, for what purpose will you use the money, what are your real possibilities of getting a loan as a high value? Where do you want to apply for, at a bank or credit lender? What I have seen today are people who like to live free, living well and with available credit, I love it! But for that to happen, there are some basic rules – just spend it according to your winnings and no more than that – if I’m wrong please correct me, leave a comment.

The good of the truth is that no person in this world wants to live overwhelmed with the burden of debt on their shoulders, especially bank loans and financing, but it can happen at one point you need to raise a large amount of money to meet an individual specific need or family, and with your salary you will not be able to get it. In that hour what to do? There are many possibilities, depending on the amount and the need, a personal loan and / or money financing can turn out to be very helpful.

Let’s assume that currently you earn $ 1,250 a month, should give around $ 17,500 per year, will you be able to afford to buy a car for $ 28,700 in cash without having a reserve of a few years to this purpose? In that case hire a vehicle financing and repay it in medium or long-term installments is an acceptable option?


Payroll Loan


Payroll Loan


The vehicle financing, personal loans, INSS payroll loan grant and several other lines of credit are granted by financial institutions after you submit a request and proof that you can pay for the money financed . Once the request is made, the bank and / or financial institution will analyze whether or not to release it. Take care, loan with moneylenders are types of personal credit that you should avoid.

In Brazil all credit institutions are able to lend money to the citizen , and you, are able to receive a loan? Is the name clear? Are you working and moving your salary account? These are questions that need to be answered when requesting both a small and a large amount of borrowed money.


Proof of Identity


Proof of Identity


Usually retail banks ask for certain documents for proof of identity, residence, proof of income, help in interest rates change the bank salary account, even if being autonomous it is possible to get loan of large amounts if they comply with the bank ritual. Lenders need to know before hand if the contractor is able to repay the money back, so it is no use asking for $ 28,700 if your income does not include a loan of $ 15,000,000, this type of request is what happens most.

Keep in mind that being able to approve a high-value loan or asset financing by the bank will depend solely on your credit balance, the value of your property or vehicle in secured loan cases, and the person’s proven income movement for loan pre-approved.

A perfect example is your credit limit, it is based on moving or monthly salary, the bank will never give you $ 10,000 limit if your move does not reach $ 2,300 per month, however much your bank account be decades old and you’re the manager’s friend.

The banking institutions know of your need, the bank is always motivated to lend, but you have to be this fit.

Whether you want to buy a well-funded loan, you need “lots of money” to start a business, “want lots of money” to pay off all your debts and only have a debt, before you go to the search, to solve their problems.

Just ask for the amount that is needed to finish or reduce your debts or buy a good do not forget the extra fees if any. Choose an institution that offers low interest rate when you come across the proposal make sure that you can pay the installments of the installments for the given time without compromising your budget.

Remember, credit serves to aid in the time of trouble and tightening, the loan should be used to get rid of problems and not to bring financial slavery, so think well before entering a second debt, or exchange six for half a dozen .

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