Managing Emergency Money to Restore Debt Control



Do not forget Health and Vehicle Insurance

Do not forget Health and Vehicle Insurance


  1. Don’t buy items that are not really needed.
    Get rid of expenses for holidays, watching movies, eating at restaurants, buying new clothes, etc. Don’t buy electronic items unless you really need them to support your income. Prepare a shopping list every time you do monthly shopping and avoid items not included in your list. Don’t shop for food when you’re hungry – because there will be a tendency to buy things that are not needed, make sure to always shop with lists and full stomach conditions to avoid impulsive buying (shopping impulsively).
  2. For items that are really needed, make sure you choose the cheapest price.
    You can replace items that you normally buy with other cheaper alternatives. Use AndroidOne to replace Samsung. Check if you can buy used goods instead of having to buy a new one – here you can save up to 50%. Use Go-Jek instead of a taxi, even if possible, use a public bus instead of Go-Jek. Buy chicken instead of beef or seafood, drink mineral water instead of soda / juice. Shop at a cheaper store or go online rather than having to go to a classy mall. Take advantage of promotions, existing coupons, savings that little by little can be very valuable in total. If you smoke, try to stop – it’s clear, this can have a good impact on your health AND your wallet!
    Read more about Getting Low Prices for the Same Items.
  3. If you really have to buy more expensive items, don’t be shy about bidding or asking for a longer due date, or even asking for interest-free installments. If you have to pay school fees, try asking if the payment can be paid in installments or postponed. There are several types of payments that can be delayed, if you find out and want to try, this can help to reduce your burden. Find out various types of expenses that can be postponed here.
  4. W lthough this article discusses reduce spending, DO NOT FORGET health and vehicle insurance premiums. If you have an accident or illness, insurance may not be able to cover your costs because you are late paying, no matter if you always pay on time. However, setting aside a little Rupiah for this can be your own benefit. Note: if you do not have health insurance, immediately register health insurance provided by the Government. (Also Read: Trimming Expenditures Is a Must, but Don’t Trim This)

    Do not forget, how much expenditure you make per month, it is mandatory to check whether the expenditure is in accordance with the budgeted or excessive. See if you can still save, and whether the money has been allocated to the right posts. Find out how to evaluate your monthly expenses here.

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