Personal Credit with Pre-Dated Check Is Fast Cash

Personal Credit with Pre-Dated Check Is Fast Cash

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Personal credit with a long time check has been widely granted, as the repayments of the installments are made through pre-dated checks has become an easy and quick loan modality, the request for money is without much paperwork. Today it is one of the most democratic forms of credit when it comes to asking for money from financial institutions in the market.

Through personal check credit, it is possible to free up financial resources for clients of various profiles, from the most senior, retired, civil servants, military and even low-income self-employed. This type of financial transaction has strengthened as another balancing alternative of individual or family budget when there is some kind of emergency.

When approved, the use of the released money can be used as you wish, without having to account for the destination, in general is taken to pay previous debts, emergency expenses, repair the vehicle, pay traffic tickets, health care, finally, to that is, there is personal credit with pre-dated checks.


Americanas – personal credit with check

Americanas - personal credit with check



Through Americanas ItauCard offers personal credit at more than 215 points of sale installed within Lojas Americanas. Lojas Americanas grants the modality of personal credit with checks for customers who have bank accounts and checkbooks, the limit of release is up to R $ 10,000,000.

The benefits of Personal Personal Credit with “Americanas ItauCard” checks are excellent: Credit is simplified – No need to present guarantor – Money is released into account within 24 hours – 1st installment payment is made within 45 days – fixed and paid up to 12x and the refund is through check forms.


Bank Cacique – personal loan Cacique


Bank Cacique - personal loan Cacique



Make a personal loan with check with plans of 6 to 18 times, release of money requested the same day, the last installment does not need to pay, it is free. Check the advantages and benefits of Banco Cacique: Current account credit, choose the best date to pay – Free lender insurance – Do not need to be an account holder of Banco Cacique – Need to have a bank account with 6 months in the case of CLT and 12 months for Autonomous have check stubs.


CrediCard – credicard credit solutions


CrediCard personal credit with collateral check is for anyone who needs money to remodel the house, increase cash flow in commerce, invest in a private business or take a vacation trip, CrediCard makes it easy to get that kind of easy loan . The advantages are many: Up to 45 days to pay 1st installment – Lower rates than traditional loans – Money deposited in your account or by money order and still has the Credit Protection Prize.


Credit with check guarantee


IbiCheque - credit with check guarantee



IbiCred with checks guarantee. This type of loan in the Ibi is for those who have checkbooks, the operation consists of using it as collateral and in this way to get money with the lowest rates and best limits. The advantages are: Limit of up to R $ 10,000.00 in credit for cash withdrawal – The customer does not need to go to the Ibi store every month to complete the payment of the installments with his IbiCred – It can be split up to 15 times with a choice the best date for payment and up to 45 days to pay the 1st installment. At IbiCheque it is necessary to use your check sheets as collateral to request the loan amount.

Financial Diamond with pre-check


Financial Diamond with pre-check



Losango personal credit with check was created to fulfill the desire of those who want to borrow money. At Losango, anyone who has a check can take up to the limit of commitment of the income, and still participates in monthly raffles of up to R $ 20,000 thousand. The advantages of ” personal credit with check Losango ” or carnet are attractive: Up to 40 days to pay the 1st installment of the installment – The customer sets the due date – Installment of the credit is made up to 24 times equal in the check or up to 18 times Equal in the card – Participates in a monthly draw of up to R $ 20,000 thousand, but has to join the Premium Insurance – The customer is able to pre-approve personal credit through the Financial Center Losango.


Tailor made credit

FinaMax - tailor made credit


Personal credit with FinaMax Check – FinaMax despite making pre-dated check loan operations like all the others, in the website of FinanMax we do not find information about the conditions and advantages offered, but according to the company, the credit is tailor-made and according to each customer profile with excellent interest rate.